@LosRakas: Sueno Americano is such an amazing and powerful song in its entirety…but the following part of the song probably hits me the hardest.

y mi mama ta cansa ayer me llamo 

dice que no puedes mas 

que a dios todo el dia le resa 

para que me vaya bien 

y nunca me vaya mal 

y los ojos se me empiesan agua 

me necesita y ni la puedo ayuda 

perdoname mama

This song in particular is not one you listen, but one you feel. And honestly, one of the reasons why I love the music these guys put out so much…is because they always put out music you can feel. Whatever the subject or the tone of their songs…their music is bound to move you.

(Source: Spotify)

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Posted on Monday, 10 September
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